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Air Polishing Stain Removal


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What is Air Polishing?

Here at Corstorphine Dental Centre we are proud to offer a fantastic addition to your regular scale and polish which will improve your smile by removing stains from the tooth surface. Our Air Polishing Stain Removal treatment is provided by your dental hygienist. It gently, yet effectively, removes unsightly stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco as well as those stains that some food and mouthwashes can leave behind.

We use a special handpiece, which carefully sprays a fine jet of compressed powder, air and water against the tooth surface. As a result this removes dark stains which have built up on the tooth surface.

Why Air Polishing?

Air polishing is a very gentle method of stain removal and is comfortable even for those of us with very sensitive teeth. No heat or pressure is placed on the tooth surfaces. Because it is gentle, air polish is also a great way to clean around delicate implants.

What about results?

Let’s let the picture below speak for itself !

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